Rent our efficient tile-cutting robot, Cut’n Move™, from 33 EUR per hour

Our rental model is highly flexible, as you can rent the Cut’N’Move tile-cutting robot on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. If you face a project of shorter or longer duration, we can tailor the rental period completely to your needs.

What does it cost to rent a Cut’n Move™?

Rental prices
A day EUR 420
A week EUR 1570
A month EUR 3960
A day No
A week EUR 130
A month EUR 330
Advance payment
A day Yes
A week No
A month No

Terms for renting a Cut’n Move™

Price includes a blade
The rental prices include one piece 400 mm dia. sandwich diamond blade. If the extra blade in the trailer has been used, the used blade will be charged.
Extra diamond blade?
If you want extra diamond blades specifically designed for cutting hard-fired brick, tiles, concrete and granite, it costs 335 EUR. (ø 400mmm).
Oslogade 1, 5000 Odense C, Denmark
Transportation costs
To be agreed.

Want to rent a Cut’n Move™?

Cut’n Move™ improves the working environment and efficiency at Arkil

Listen to Flemming Holm, project manager at Arkil, talk about the difference Cut’n Move makes for them on a daily basis.

English subtitles available