The future of paving and landscape gardening

Use robotics to automate manual and straining work processes

Automation of tile cutting can solve some of the biggest challenges with the building industry.

With Cut’n Move, it becomes easy for you to establish efficient workflows that increase the speed of paving work.
With Cut’n Move’s user-friendly robotic technology, it is easier than ever to make advanced cuts with great precision.
Work environment
Cut’n Move helps pavers to make the hard and tiring work of tile cutting much more ergonomic.
Less noise and dust
Thanks to the closed construction and wet cutting, Cut’n Move minimizes dust and noise nuisance, so it is easier to work in urban areas.

Do you want to try our robotic tile-cutter?

Do you want to try how easy it is to operate Cut’n Move? We are happy to come by the building site – and give you the opportunity to try it yourself.